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Café del Arte


AGO Teen Council & Drop-in Participants


AGO Orientation Rooms


February 25



April 7



Café del Arte was developed as a series of open-mic nights to create a network of young people who could support and inspire each others’ artistic practices, and use the AGO as a space to meet and create.

Spoken was a chance for youth to read their poetry and short fiction to an appreciative audience.

Acoustic was an invitation to young musicians to showcase their talents.

These coffeehouse-style events were held in the Orientation Room space at the AGO. Compared to other projects done in the past by the Teen Council, they required very little preparation. A sign-up sheet was available at the beginning of each night for whoever wanted to perform, and the Teen Council provided a host, music, and coffee. Café del Arte was well-attended and received, but the next council chose to not continue this event in favour of other projects they wished to pursue. The initial brainstorming document for this series developed by the 2002-2003 council is available here.


Brescia Reid
Alex Molotkow
Frank FBA
Ben Robinson
Mike Pierro
Karis Malzsecki
Nicci Iazzo
Skye Sepp

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Public Programming and Learning initiatives at the AGO are supported by the Arthur Lismer Group, The Learning Circle, and the Learning Fund

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