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Sew What? A Wearable Art Event

June 2004

AGO Youth Council &
Open-call participants



AGO’s Walker Court &
Orientation Rooms


Fashion Show Event


Sew What? was the second event put on by a Teen Council that predominantly showcased fashion and wearable art. Through an open-call recruitment process, interested individuals were led through a five-week workshop series with guest artists, where they had the chance to re-think their ideas about fashion and how it can be presented. Participants were encouraged to reuse and recycle materials and the emphasis was on the importance of having a cause behind your creation. The final pieces varied from a flesh-coloured bodysuit with painted on body hair to question notions of the nude form as obscene; to a piece about language and euro-centrism; to homemade workout wear that was a critique of recently hyped-up and expensive yoga lines, such as those found at the Queen St. store, Lululemon.
The project advocated creative expression through recycled, cheap, everyday objects and the ability of youth to move beyond typical representations to create their own ideas about fashion.

The final show was held in Walker Court to the sounds of Vancouver DJ A.C.T, and featured a total of twenty young designers.

The West Side Stiches Couture Club is a collaborative stitching ensemble organized by Toronto-based artists Jeremy Laing and Will Munro.

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