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Sounds of the Grange.


Youth Tour Guides &
Artist Luis Jacob



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Kiosk in House Guests: Contemporary Artists in the Grange


Sounds of The Grange was a series of short audio responses created by fourteen youth from Harbord Collegiate and the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Teens Behind the Scenes program. Working collaboratively with House Guests: Contemporary Artists in the Grange (September 15, 2001 - January 2002) artist Luis Jacob and mentors from the Ontario College of Art and Design, young people discussed, recorded, sampled, mixed, re-mixed and manipulated sounds, navigating the spaces of The Grange in relation to their lives, histories and concepts of home.

Sounds of the Grange participants were engaged in research, audio production, group work, consensus decision-making, contemporary art practices and developed critical approaches to the study of history, museums and art.

While the project developed out of time spent in physical locations in The Grange, the medium of sound allowed those involved to consider the times, places and ideas represented in this historical house from broad and contemporary perspectives. The resulting thirteen audio projects range from abstract experiments, to fictional stories, to critical responses, to philosophical musings, to non-linear rants. Each project and artist’s description was located inside a Virtual Grange, which was on view at a kiosk during the House Guests exhibition, and is also available at

Youth Tour Guides Cindy Seto, Liang Zhang, Sandy Smith, Lisa Bastarache, Myly Pham, Maddy Beaupré, Andrea Fort, Nico Dann, Shadya Yasin, Orest Szopiak, Alvina Fung, Patrycja Zwierzynska, Alex Snukal, Anna Tai

Artist/Mentor Luis Jacob
Audio Mentors Justin Waddell and Michael Morency-Frame (Ontario College of Art and Design)
Community Arts Intern Sarah Thorpe (Ontario College of Art and Design)
Web Design Intern Ben Lewis

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