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Amy Greenfield's Cinema of the Body


 Saturday, March 10, 2012
Program One: 2:00 pm
Program Two: 6:00 pm
Jackman Hall, Art Galley of Ontario

The Loop Collective presents the first Canadian one-woman screenings of Amy Greenfield's work and a launch of the book Flesh Into Light: The Films of Amy Greenfield (Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press).

Amy Greenfield is an internationally award-winning experimental filmmaker and performer based in New York.  Since the 1970s she has pioneered a new cinematic language of human motion. This language evokes primal inner experience and a woman's representation of the body―intensely visual and kinesthetic―poetic, often nude and timeless. Greenfield has made and frequently performed in almost forty films, holograms, live multimedia, and video installations. She is an innovator in moving holographic sculpture and has “developed a new form of video . . .choreographing for the video camera and television screen.” - Musuem Of Modern Art, NYC, Video Art A History.

Amy Greenfield will be present to talk about the films with the audience and sign copies of the book.

2:00 pm 

Videotape Tape For A Woman And A Man
32 minutes, 1975-78
World Premiere of 2011 restoration
“Photographed in black and white and color, and performed in the nude by Greenfield and dancer Ben Dolphin, it relentlessly examines the possible physical and emotional encounters between a man and a woman. The vulnerability of nakedness makes these encounters not only a study in exposure but a turbulent drama in which two human beings confront each other and begin a ritual of mutual and self-discovery.” - John Gruen, Dancemagazine.

Antigone/Rites Of Passion
62 minutes, 1990
Antigone/Rites Of Passion develops the intimate language of Videotape into a powerfully monumental experimental feature film. Greenfield transforms the myth of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus and one of the greatest heroines in literature, into a warning about the consequences of misuse of democracy in the aftermath of war, and an intensely visual and rhapsodically musical hymn to the extremes of feeling in a post-apocalyptic-like world. Greenfield performs the title role opposite actor/dancer Bertram Ross, Martha Graham’s last partner. The wall-to-wall music track is by luminary downtown Manhattan composers Diamanda Galas, Glenn Branca, Elliott Sharp and more.

“Seeing Antigone a second time I was just ten times more moved by it – really deeply moved - It’s a wonderful work. A monumental work. A near miracle” - Stan Brakhage.

Note: Greenfield will show 62 minutes of this 85 minute film, replacing the prologue with her in-person introduction to the film.


6:00 pm 

MUSEic Of The BODy
10 minutes,  1994/2009
MUSEic Of The BODy was edited in 2009 from a 1994 Greenfield/Nam June Paik Fluxus performance for the 1960s-famed performance artist Charlotte Moorman, who was arrested for playing cello topless. Greenfield’s video performance garnered a 10 Best In The Arts in the New York Times, " A nude attacks a piano with her long strand of pearls. Magical! Unforgettable" - Jennifer Dunning, New York Times.

Downtown Goddess
11 minutes, 1995/2004

Dark Sequins
14 minutes, 2005

Light Of The Body
11 minutes, 2004

12 minutes, 2003
A selection from Greenfield’s cinema cycle Club Midnight [], which came out of multimedia performances presented to standing-room-only audiences at New York’s Anthology Film Archives and American Museum Of the Moving Image, and starring erotic dancers then working at the Tribeca club The Blue Angel. In the films, “Erotic dance becomes a political act, a powerful affirmation of conscious self and free thought, against the standardization of body and mind we live today.” - Vittoria Maniglio, University of Rome, Energy And Cinema Festival.


1973 | 11 minutes

1982 | 12 minutes
The program ends with the now classic Element (1973) and Tides (1982), with Greenfield herself becoming a living sculpture and primal force, first covered with and struggling in a vast field of mud, then with ecstatic liberation in the Atlantic ocean. “The transmutation of the body into a visible form of energy taking on a dimension which is mythic of (wo)man confronting the elemental forms and forces of the cosmos.” - Robert Haller, Flesh Into Light.




BodySongs Two
15 minute video loop | 1979/2011

BodySongs is an installation that distills Greenfield's work with the nude into a black and white video "sculpture" of intertwining male/female forms both timelessly formal and unfolding with moment-by-moment intimacy. The raw footage was shot on a Sony Portapak in 1979 by cinema verite pioneer and cameraman, Richard Leacock. After Leacock passed away in 2011 Greenfield felt compelled to re-look at the hours of footage and cull the essence.

Presented by the Loop Collective's Lighthouse Series 

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