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AGO Podcast #13 – Architecture as Spectacle: A Panel Discussion

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Recorded at the Art Gallery of Ontario
Duration: 01:22:28

World-renowned architects are helping Toronto continue its unprecedented cultural revival on the once fragile shoulders of culture. In the heat of the transformation, join artists, authors, critics and scholars in a rousing discussion about how spectacular architecture contributes (or not) to the psyche of the city. Hear Michael Awad, Lisa Rochon, Christian Giroux and Daniel Young debate and explore the phenomenon of architecture as spectacle and its impact on everything from individual users to urban issues. Michael Awad is an architect, artist and urbanist; Lisa Rochon is an author and architecture critic for The Globe and Mail; Christian Giroux is a sculptor teaching at the University of Guelph; and Daniel Young has studied Critical Urban Geography at the University of Toronto. Moderated by journalist John Bentley Mays.

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