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Amber Project Love to Photograph it

From: nicolee miller

Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Amber Project Love to Photograph it

Attention Chantal,
Thank you for your generous offer to share your discoveries including your office with the public.

Exciting project, with so much more to discover. You have my full attention now. Can’t wait to hear about the contents of the secret room.

I’m surmising she may have been the household shaman, perhaps even a midwife with Celtic magic.

Her powers might have been so strong that Henry Whyte and the other servants did not interfere. Indeed, they concealed her “stash” for fear of discovery and the consequences of destroying them.

Would love to photograph the Bells, the kitchen and of course the secret room. If you ever need a volunteer to take photos and edit them for a website, or promotional flyers, posters, I’ll gladly donate my time.

Nicolee Anne Miller
Visual and Media Arts Teacher, Nantyr Shores

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