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Angelika Hoerle: The Comet of Cologne Dada

May 23 – August 30, 2009

German artist Angelika Hoerle created an outstanding body of work before her untimely death at the young age of 23. This show explores how Angelika and her works connect to artistic and political movements of post-World War I Germany. As Angelika and her artist friends sought to affect political and social change during these turbulent times, she emerged as a key figure in Cologne’s Dada art scene. Her story is intensely personal and reveals how her artistic drive and political conscience could not be thwarted by war, social conventions, or fatal illness.

From the AGO Vaults: Discovering the lost art of Angelika Hoerle (Video)

In this 1988 video, Toronto curator Angelika Littlefield describes an amazing adventure - how she uncovered the lost art of her great aunt Angelika Hoerle and Hoerle's brother in Cologne Germany and how the collection made its way to the AGO.

Family Secrets: An Inside View of the Short Life of Angelika Hoerle (Audio)

Curator Angelika Littlefield talks about the works of her great aunt Angelika Hoerle whose short life blazed across the Cologne arts scene.

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