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Artmaking Workshops for Grades 4-6 (2013-2014)

Artmaking Workshops (90 minutes)
Artmaking workshops are 90 minutes of hands-on engagement in the creative process led by professional education staff. Situated in our spacious open studio, students will be instructed in artmaking techniques and strongly encouraged to exercise their personal creativity while experimenting with art materials to create their own work of art. Choose from one of the following art processes:

Students will experiment with canvas fabric and cardboard to create two- or three-dimensional paintings using acrylic paint.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts

Soft Linoleum Printmaking
Students will carve their own designs into soft linoleum blocks using hand-carving tools and washable printing inks to create individual and collaborative prints.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts

Paper Sculpture
Students will use flexible and rigid paper and other fiber-based materials to create three-dimensional art forms.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts

Assemblage and Collage
Students will use a variety of reusable and found objects as well as fabric and other fiber-based materials to create two- or three-dimensional art forms.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts

Combined Program (2 hours)
Mix-n-match any of the artmaking workshops with any of the guided tours for a 2-hour combined program to meet your teaching and students’ learning needs. Staff will connect the theme of the guided tour to the artmaking workshop for one cohesive and holistic experience.

Note: In an open studio environment, creativity can be a messy process!  Please ask students to wear comfortable clothing that is easily washable. Aprons are not provided.


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