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Artmaking Workshops for Grades 9-12 (2015-2016)

Explore, experiment and create in our open studio environment, the Dr. Anne Tannenbaum Gallery School.  Artmaking workshops are 90-minute hands-on workshops led by experienced staff. High school students will use the AGO collection for inspiration and experiment with traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques. Expand your students' imaginations through individual and collaborative artmaking focused on the creative process. Note: In an open studio environment, creativity can be a messy process!  Please ask students to wear comfortable clothing that is easily washable. Aprons are not provided.

For artmaking workshops, our maximum group size is 25 students with the appropriate number of adult supervisors per group, so please organize your students accordingly. Staff to student ratio is 1:15 for high school students.

Drawing Inspiration: Pen and Ink 
Students will begin in the AGO galleries, inspired to draw through direct observation of original works of art, warming up using pencil and paper. Returning to our open studio environment, students will further develop their drawing skills and learn specific techniques used in cartoons and graphic novels for drawing with pen and ink, materials include different pen nibs, India inks, fibre tip pens and water colour brushes.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, 9 - 12

Sculpture: 3D Sculpture Selfie
Inspired by the works in the AGO permanent collection, students use the creative process to create a 2D and 3D wire sculpture selfies manipulating different types of wire through trial and error to develop their idea into a work. 
Curriculum Links: Visual Art, 9 – 12

Using soft linoleum blocks and carving tools, students design their own logo inspired by works in the AGO permanent collection creating bold images in black and white and colour. Students make multiple prints of their own design and create a large class print to take back to their school.
Curriculum Links: Visual Art, 9 – 12

Photography : Digital and Smartphone Photography
Examine historical and contemporary works of art in the AGO’s photography galleries. Using smartphones or digital cameras, students learn basic techniques of composition and lighting for documenting the world around them. The AGO’s architecture and art work will be the back drop as students shot in the gallery. Basic digital cameras will be provided by the AGO if needed.
Students are encouraged to bring their own cameras or Smartphones.
Curriculum Links: Visual Art, 9 – 12

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