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Salad at FRANK
Lunch at FRANK
Lunch at FRANK
Dinner at FRANK
Dessert at FRANK

Exhibition dates

April 5 to July 20, 2014

The chefs at FRANK restaurant are excited to have Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

We're complementing this dark and conflicted exhibition using warm and wholesome flavours inspired by 20th-century Britain.  Our menus revive classic peasant foods with a modern twist, with an artistic approach to match the works of these brilliant artists.  A few items include: FRANK's Irish Stew with bacon, potato, and cabbage; Guinness mussels with soda bread; braised lamb and colcannon; mini Yorkshire pudding lamb sliders; and mackerel fish caakes with horseradish cream.

Explore the full lunch and dinner prix fixe menus and when booking your tickets to Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty, combine FRANK's three-course prix fixe with an adult ticket for $65 or a caféAGO meal (sandwich, cookie and non-alcoholic beverage) and adult ticket for $35. 

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