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Board of Trustees

Photo of Maxine Granovsky Gluskin

Maxine Granovsky Gluskin – President of the AGO Board of Trustees

President of the AGO Board of Trustees, Ms. Granovsky Gluskin has been a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario since 2002. She served as a vice president of the Gallery from 2005 to 2013, and has been a member of the executive, development, finance and nominating committees. Under her leadership, the Gallery has developed its second three-year Strategic Plan to set the priorities and focus for the AGO. In addition, Ms. Granovsky Gluskin was co-chair of the innovative fundraising initiative New Founders during Transformation AGO and along with her husband, Mr. Ira Gluskin, was an early and generous donor to the Transformation AGO campaign. Ms. Granovsky Gluskin's involvement at the AGO extends outside of board activities: she initiated The Drawing Room and The Brown Bag Lunch & Talk series and is also a member of the Contemporary Circle and smART women. Currently President of Maxine Gran Investments, a family-owned investment management company, Maxine formerly served as an executive with Atlantic Packaging Products Limited, a large privately-owned paper and packaging company. She has also been actively involved with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the United Jewish Appeal and Mount Sinai Hospital.


  • Maxine Granovsky Gluskin, President
  • Tony Gagliano, Honourary Chair
  • Rupert J. Duchesne, Vice President
  • Bob Harding, Vice President
  • Rosamond Ivey, Vice President
  • A. Charles Baillie
  • Avie Bennett (TE)
  • David Binet (Ex-Officio)
  • Shary Boyle
  • David Campbell (TE)
  • Councillor Joe Cressy
  • Camillo di Prata
  • Ivan Fecan
  • Andrew Federer
  • James D. Fleck (TE)
  • Allan Gotlieb (TE)
  • Anthony R. Graham (TE)
  • Al Green, 1925 – 2016 (TE)
  • Michael Hasley (TE)
  • Ydessa Hendeles (TE)
  • Beth Horowitz
  • Debbie Kennedy, Volunteer President
  • Michael M. Koerner (TE)
  • Phil Lind
  • Shabin Mohamed
  • Kenneth Montague
  • Rebecca Murray
  • Gordon Nixon
  • Gilles Ouellette
  • Jonas Prince
  • Carol Rapp (TE)
  • Jeffrey Remedios
  • Councillor Jaye Robinson
  • Richard Rooney
  • Sandra Rotman
  • Samuel Sarick (TE)
  • Eleanor Shen
  • Jay Smith
  • Hilary Weston (TE)
  • Robin Young (TE)

AGO Staff

  • Alicia Vandermeer, Chief Organization Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Erin Prendergast, Chief of Staff & Deputy Corporate Secretary

(TE) Trustee Emeritus, a lifetime appointment to the AGO Board of Trustees in recognition of distinguished service to the AGO. A Trustee Emeritus shall not be counted in determining quorum, and shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the AGO Board of Trustees.

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