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Art Gallery of Ontario

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Board of Trustees


  • Maxine Granovsky Gluskin, President
  • Tony Gagliano, Honourary Chair
  • Rupert J. Duchesne, Vice President
  • Bob Harding, Vice President
  • Rosamond Ivey, Vice President
  • A. Charles Baillie
  • Avie Bennett (TE)
  • David Binet (Ex-Officio)
  • Shary Boyle
  • David Campbell (TE)
  • Ming-Tat Cheung
  • Councillor Joe Cressy
  • Camillo di Prata
  • Ivan Fecan
  • Andrew Federer
  • James D. Fleck (TE)
  • Allan Gotlieb (TE)
  • Anthony R. Graham (TE)
  • Al Green (TE)
  • Michael Hasley (TE)
  • Ydessa Hendeles (TE)
  • Beth Horowitz
  • Debbie Kennedy, Volunteer President
  • Michael M. Koerner (TE)
  • Phil Lind
  • Shabin Mohamed
  • Kenneth Montague
  • Rebecca Murray
  • Gordon Nixon
  • Gilles Ouellette
  • Jonas Prince
  • Carol Rapp (TE)
  • Councillor Jaye Robinson
  • Richard Rooney
  • Sandra Rotman
  • Samuel Sarick (TE)
  • Eleanor Shen
  • Jay Smith
  • Hilary Weston (TE)
  • Robin Young (TE)

AGO Staff

  • Alicia Vandermeer, Chief Organization Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Erin Prendergast, Chief of Staff & Deputy Corporate Secretary

(TE) Trustee Emeritus, a lifetime appointment to the AGO Board of Trustees in recognition of distinguished service to the AGO. A Trustee Emeritus shall not be counted in determining quorum, and shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the AGO Board of Trustees.

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