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Summer Art Camps

four campers in Grange Park

July 3 - August 31, 2018

Be part of this innovative day camp that encourages exciting connections between art, culture, and ideas! Our one- and two-week camps for children ages 5-13, emphasize self-expression and allow young artists to discover and play while exploring the Art Gallery of Ontario's galleries and collections. Campers create amazing art projects with our artist-educators, focusing on both contemporary and traditional art-making practice, while using a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Wrapped around the rich studio experience is a day camp located in the heart of the city, offering diverse recreational and camp activities, supported by our amazing counseling team.

Join us this summer at the AGO Art Camp to EXPLORE, IMAGINE and CREATE!

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Check out our 2018 Camp offerings, more info on dates and pricing coming soon!

This summer we are exploring the elements – earth, air, water and transformation (fire) – through the lens of the Canadian landscape. Make amazing and innovative art projects in your choice of programs, inspired by the AGO special exhibitions and Collections, and taught by our team of artist-educators.

(Ages 5 and 6–7)

Explore the magic of nature and growth in this imaginative camp where we create wild nature books that scroll, hanging paper gardens, botanical paintings and drawing and more… Join us while we explore a seed’s journey from the forest floor to the sky.
Seedlings one-week camp includes painting, drawing, sculpture, bookmaking and more…

Blue Sky
(Ages 5 and 6–7)

Look up, look way up! The sky’s the limit. Imagine creating shiny star-filled constellation boxes, and marbled sky paper books. Put on your magic blue-sky thinking cap and explore Grange Park using your handmade binoculars, identifying birds and clouds that lead to all sorts of artistic sky creations.
Blue Sky one-week camp Includes painting, drawing, sculpture, paper marbling, bookmaking and more…

(Ages 5 and 6–7)

Explore all things under the sea in this camp where we create an underwater shadow puppet theatre, and have fun printmaking our own deep-sea creatures. Dive below the water’s surface with us and experiment with different materials to draw, paint and sketch water in all its amazing forms.
Waterworlds one-week camp includes painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, puppet making and more…

Flying Creatures
(Ages 6–7 and 8–10)

Let your imagination soar while being inspired by real and fantastical things that fly. Build your own kite, create a hanging mobile with wild flying creatures, and bird-proof one of our Gallery windows with one-of-a-kind bird silhouette decals.
Flying Creatures one-week camp includes painting, drawing, sculpture, kitemaking, public art and more…

Night & Day
(Ages 6–7 and 8–10)

Explore the mysterious worlds of day and night, from bright sunny skies to dark starry nights. Make a diorama that glows in black-light, explore printmaking in black and white, and create magical 2-sided flip drawings. It’s all about change and looking - what’s so very different at night than in the bright light of day. In our two-week camp, you’ll also sculpt an artic landscape and experiment with scratch art.
Night & Day one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and more…

(Ages 6–7 and 8–10)

Water – it’s the stuff of life! Explore the shape, colour and sound of water while experimenting with watercolour paints and pastels, creating an under-the-sea shadow theatre and one-of-a-kind deep-sea creature printmaking. In our two-week camp, make a 3D whale sculpture using recycled materials and create your own paintings with ice!
H2O one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and more…

(Ages 6-7 and 8-10)

Art transformation is magic – it happens right before your eyes! Experiment with materials and techniques that transform – printmaking cool patterns and creating wild watercolours is just the start. In our two-week camp, you’ll also build your own drawing machines and create costumes!
Transformers one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, printmaking, and more…

(Ages 6–7 and 8–10)

How far and wide can you see? Scan the landscape of the North and expand your creative horizons and perspective with “sculptures” you can stand inside, shadow box Arctic landscapes, and topographic models of the edges of the world – where shorelines meet the ocean and mountains touch the sky. In our two-week camp, you’ll also create your own imaginary city!
Panorama one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, sculpture and more…

(Ages 8–10)

In this camp, you’re the pilot while you make paper airplanes galore, explore Da Vinci’s amazing flying machines and create blueprints for your own flying inventions. In our two-week camps, you’ll also explore the beauty of birds – from sketching their swooping and swirling flight paths to watercolour painting the patterns in their feathers.
Aviators one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and more…

Blue Planet
(Ages 8–10 and 11–13)

Explore the depths and mysteries of the ocean, and the effects of climate change on our fragile, beautiful ecosystems. Create intricate, detailed sea creature drawings, monochromatic cool blue paintings and make drypoint prints that explore life above and below the water. Our two-week camps will also experiment with photography in beautiful Grange Park and make recycled plastic sculptures. 
Blue Planet one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and more…

Nature Designers
(Ages 8–10 and 11–13)

In this design-based camp, you’ll be inspired by nature’s clever and efficient structures to design furniture inspired by flowers, buildings inspired by leaves, and you’ll even create your own botanical wallpaper patterns. Join the many architects and designers that have long been inspired by nature and all its wonders.
Nature Designers one-week camp includes painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and more…

Cartoonists: The Elements
(Ages 8–10 and 11–13)

With a focus on the elements – earth, air, water and fire/transformation – explore traditional ways of cartooning using pencil, pen, ink and paint. Tap into your inner storyteller to create cartoon worlds, developing your own characters, imagery and narratives along the way.
Cartoonists: The Elements one- and two-week camps include drawing, painting and more…

Sound and Motion
(Ages 11–13)

Venture into the exciting world of sound and motion. In this camp, you’ll explore listening and looking in the Gallery to create digital and analogue sound-based projects, including collaborative soundscapes and large-scale drawings inspired by movement and music.
Sound and Motion one-week camp includes drawing, painting, sound art, video art and more…

More AGO Art Camp 2018 info online soon.

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