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Community Podcasts


These community podcasts were created by students of Pape Avenue School and Withrow Avenue School as a reflection of their communities. The podcasts were facilitated by the Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts media artist John Scully in partnership with the Toronto District School Board as part of the This is My Neighbourhood project exhibited at the AGO. The Community Podcasting 
project involved students in the exploration of their neighbourhood 
through images, sound, language and media arts.

The students took community walks to explore the area where they live through their five senses. They wrote paragraphs about a particular location in their communities using descriptive language, metaphors and similes to craft a creative interpretation of that location. These words were the inspiration for picture taking.

The photos and script became the source for their podcast in which 
they combined their pictures, their voice and sounds to create their final media presentation. Each step helped to make the participants more aware of their community and the importance of developing their media literacy skills to create and deconstruct the media texts that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

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The Royal Conservatory's Learning Through the Arts (LTTA) program has been partnering with teachers for over 15 years. LTTA artists work with teachers and students across Canada and around the world to engage learners through arts infused curriculum delivery. LTTA offers lesson plans and online teaching resources for all curriculum subject areas.

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Last modified on March 11, 2013