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Collection Areas


We are currently undergoing a remarkable reinstallation of the AGO Collection.

African and Oceanic

The AGO’s collection of African and Oceanic art is the largest of its kind in a Canadian art museum.


The AGO has an outstanding collection of historical Canadian art, with a particular emphasis on the art of Toronto and Ontario.


The AGO’s Old Master Collection is comprised of three pillars of strength: Dutch painting from the 1600s, Italian painting and sculpture from the 1600s, and French Salon and Impressionist painting from the 1800s.

Modern and Contemporary

The Contemporary collection at the AGO offers visitors a comprehensive experience of American and European art since 1900, American art since 1945, and Canadian art since 1985.


The collection spans the history of the medium from the 1840s to the present day, and now includes more than 40,000 works.

Prints and Drawings

The AGO’s Prints and Drawings Collection spans the entire history of works on paper in the West from the 1400s to the present day, and intersects with all the other collecting areas.

The Thomson Collection

The works in this collecting area have traditionally represented a survey of European art from the Italian Renaissance to the mid-1900s.

Collections In Focus

The Boxwood Project

Explore stunning gothic boxwood miniature carvings that have captured the imaginations of their owners and viewers for almost 500 years.

Malcolmson Collection

The Malcolmson Collection spans the history of photography from the 1840s, and includes representative photographs from each of the significant periods and styles of the history of the medium.

The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross: A Collection of Holocaust Photographs

In Ross's photographic record of human life and suffering, we see the Nazi propaganda he was compelled to produce alongside the images of tragedy and resilience he wanted us to know.

David Milne Collection

Through videos, follow the career of David Milne as a painter and woodsman across Ontario.

Google Art Project

Explore selected works from the AGO Collection at

CHIN, The Canadian Heritage Information Network

Explore this country's heritage institutions, the Artefacts Canada database contains a national inventory of close to 4 million object records and approximately 800,000 images from Canadian museums.


E.P. Taylor Research Library & Archives

Access information about library and archives services and collections

The Marvin Gelber Print and Drawing Study Centre

This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to the study of prints, drawings and photographs, and houses a collection of over 15,000 works

Image Resources

Request a photograph of an artwork or the rights to reproduce an image owned by the Art Gallery of Ontario

Conservation at the AGO

Conservation is the care and protection of cultural objects. Meet AGO's Conservators and take a closer look at the restoration of key artworks, research and findings.

The Grange

Learn more about this national historic site, built in 1817, given to the Art Museum of Toronto in 1911, and now restored to the 1835-40 period

Spoliation Research

The provenance of works in the AGO collection, pertaining to the ownership history of European painting and sculpture during the 1933–45 period.

AGO Deaccessioning Policy

As museums and public galleries carry out their missions, they seek to refine and elevate the quality and relevance of their collections. The Art Gallery of Ontario cares for its collections according to the highest standards. Its resources should only be devoted to works of art that serve its mission and are worthy of such care. This occasionally demands that works be judiciously and carefully deaccessioned from the collections.