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Children's Courses and Workshops

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About Children and Family Courses and Workshops

AGO Children and Family Programs offer an environment that is creative, non-competitive and open-ended, allowing young artists the freedom to explore their own potential and nurture their self-esteem, while building a strong repertoire of techniques and skills. These courses are enriched by regular visits to the galleries and collections of the AGO, providing an exceptional opportunity for learning and creativity.

The philosophy of children’s art classes at the AGO is inquiry based and focuses on an exploration of the creative process. Our courses are driven by the imagination and curiosity of children, with a belief that children’s work is play-based and connected to things that are relevant and meaningful in their lives. We take a multi-media approach that allows for a diversity of art-making processes, techniques and materials. This may at times be a less traditional approach than you may be expecting, with skills and concepts delivered and taught through engaging, contemporary and fun projects.

Class size is limited to keep instructor to student ratios low.

Course Registration Maximums:

Ages 3 mos-6yrs 10 students
Ages 8-13 yrs 15 students

Please note: All orders must be paid in full at the time of booking. A $2 service fee per order applies to all classes, courses, lectures and talks. Children and youth courses must be booked online and may not be booked over the phone.

Drop-in: Yoga for Adults

This class uses traditional Hatha Yoga postures in a sequence of movements that flow naturally from one to the next. This eclectic class will explore variations of sun salutations, standing and seated poses along with body balancing.

Side by Side 4-7 yrs (Fall 2016)

We offer parents, grandparents or caregivers the chance to discover art through a playful and fun process, side by side with their young artist.

Tie Dye Fun Family Workshop (Fall 2016)

Practice making samples exploring patterns and techniques, and then create your own beautiful tie dyed t-shirt. *participants must bring a pre-washed white cotton t- shirt for the second week of the workshop.

Mala Beads Family Workshop (Fall 2016)

Inspired by the Small Wonders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures exhibition, participants will each make their own Mala beads that are used in mediation and as reminders of “calmness of spirit”. Craft a bracelet and then take some time at the end of the workshop for a calming yoga session.

Cartooning (Fall 2016)

Old School is still cool! In this course we celebrate traditional ways of cartooning.

Big and Small Landscape Painting Family Workshop (Fall 2016)

Painting fun for the family! Each participant creates a small landscape that becomes part of a BIG landscape mural. Learn what a landscape is, explore simple painting techniques, materials and colours, and visit the Mystical Landscapes exhibition for painterly inspiration.

Twirlers, Whirlers and Swirlers (Fall 2016)

Make all kinds of things that move, whirly gigs and twirlers, mobiles and pinwheels, swirly objects that dance and spin. It's dizzy fun!

DIY Projects (Fall 2016)

Use your imagination and explore your creative side with fun DIY craft projects using all kinds of materials, processes and techniques. Projects include working with fibre and textiles, construction materials and more.

Stop Motion (Fall 2016)

Stop Motion is cool! In this course we celebrate traditional ways of Stop Motion.

Claymation (Fall 2016)

Using clay is cool! In this course we celebrate traditional ways of Claymation.

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