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Emerging Leader: $750 – $1,499
(exclusive to companies with 50 or fewer employees)

As an Emerging Leader, your organization will enjoy the following benefits:

Please note: The value of the benefits offered in the Corporate Membership program prevents the Gallery from issuing a charitable tax receipt for the benefits portion of the membership contribution. Most companies, however, can deduct their full contribution as a business expense. The Gallery gratefully accepts donations from corporations wishing to add to their membership contribution. In these cases, donors are issued tax receipts.

Become a Corporate Member of the Art Gallery of Ontario

  1. BY PHONE: Call 416 979 6660, ext. 292 to discuss the various options and payment methods.
  2. BY EMAIL: Send an email to to inquire about the various options and payment methods.

Questions? Send us a message at, or call 416 979 6660, ext. 292.

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