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Emil Nolde. Feriengäste (II)

Feriengäste (II)

Nolde, Emil
German, 1867 - 1956
Feriengäste (II) c 1915
oil on canvas
85.5 x 100.5 cm
Gift of Rose and Charles Tabachnick, 1997
© Seebull Ada Und Emil Nolde


Rönisch, Dresden before 1930. [1] (Sale, Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett, Stuttgart, sale 22, 1955, no. 1784 (pl. 43). Mr and Mrs Walter Bareiss, Greenwich, CT. (Fine Arts Associates, Galeries Otto Gerson). Mr and Mrs Leo Rogers, New York by 1957; (sale, Christie’s, London, The Leo M. Rogers Collection, 27 June 1972, no. 138); sold to (Raymond Wilson)[2]. Mr. Fukumoto, Tokyo. (sale, Christie’s, New York, Impressionist and Modern Paintings and Sculpture, 21 October 1980, no. 237); purchased by Charles Tabachnick, Toronto; (sale, London, Sotheby’s Fauve and Expressionist Art from the Collection of Charles Tabachnick, sale LN7384, 24 June 1997, no. 17); bought in; gift 1997 to AGO [3]
[1] Note Provenance gap pre-1930 to 1955 [2] “Price List, Tuesday 27th June, 1972 / Impressionist and Modern Drawings / and Sculpture,” tipped into front cover, Christie’s, London, 27 June 1972. [3] The provenance is based on Urban 1990, no. 700, p. 86

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