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Esteban Marquez. The Dormition of the Virgin 17th century

The Dormition of the Virgin 17th century

Marquez, Esteban
Spanish, died 1696
The Dormition of the Virgin 17th century
oil on canvas
252.2 x 160.0 cm
Gift of Joey and Toby Tanenbaum, 1995
© 2000 Art Gallery of Ontario


Convent of La Trinidad Calzada, Seville [1]. by 1810; Lionel Harris, London; (Christie’s, London, 16 June 1810, no. 5 -- as a Murillo); Lee ?. Cochrane Johnson?. by c. 1820 Manning?; by 1916 Lord Biddulph ; (Christie’s, London, 19 May 1916, no. 105 --as a Murillo); by 1916 Nicolson. Adolphe Marx, Barcelona, 1928.[2] by 1993 Joey and Toby Tanenbaum, Toronto; gift 1995 to AGO.
[1] Sold during French occupation of Spain ca. 1810 to unknown person. [2] Gap in provenance from Barcelona 1928 to London 1993

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