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The Grange History and Heritage

The Grange: Overview

Learn more about this national historic site, built in 1817, given to the Art Museum of Toronto in 1911, and now restored to the 1835-40 period

Murmer: Hear You Are

[murmur] is a documentary oral history project that records stories and memories told about specific geographic locations. Hear You Are is an online exhibition of [murmur]'s presence in and around Grange Park in Toronto.

Collection X: The Grange

This online exhibition recounts the story of the historic Grange house and its inhabitants.

History of the Grange

The Grange was the first home of the Art Museum of Toronto (later to become the Art Gallery of Ontario) and rests today as a historic Georgian manor in downtown Toronto, Canada...

The Grange: The Family

An introduction to D’Acry Boulton Jr., Sarah Anne Robinson Boulton, William Henry Boulton, Harriett Boulton Smith and Goldwin Smith.

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