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grange house thanks

From: Paul Roorda
Date: March 21, 2009 3:15:43 PM GMT-04:00
Subject: grange house thanks

Thank you, I suppose, for the experience in The Grange house. I had planned to contact Chantal C. Lee anyway, but I suppose you are closer to Mary O’Shea than she is. The experience of seeing an archaeological investigation in progress, the discovery of a person, Mary, whose “work” or obsession was related to mine was utterly captivating. I felt some deep connection with Mary, an understanding, and loved the mystery of her creations and behaviour. I too use wax, natural objects, as well as hair and blood in my work, and like her (you?) am intrigued with ritual-like behavior. The volunteer tour guide shared the reality of the situation with me after the tour when I insisted I needed Chantal C. Lee’s contact information, and I was floored by the truth. Feeling that I had been duped, that I had been captivated by a fiction, a trust betrayed, and in the same moment stepping above all of that to admire your creative work as art, and the process of my belief, the challenge of reinterpreting my strong response in the tour experience in the light of the reality that this was a work of art. Honestly, I’m disappointed Mary O’Shea didn’t exist, but I walk away instead with one of the most powerful art/theatre experiences I have ever enjoyed, one in which I really became a character of your fiction.

So thank you again, unqualified, for the experience in The Grange house.

Paul Roorda

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