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Art Gallery of Ontario

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Private Tours, Talks and Workshops

Do you want a more in-depth experience of the AGO? We offer engaging private gallery tours led by professional art educators to help you explore our collection.

The fee for a one-hour tour during regular gallery hours is $225 for a group of up to 20 visitors, plus gallery admission. Please note that we require 2 weeks' notice.

After hours and custom tours are available for an additional fee. For more information on after hours tours please email

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Gallery Highlights

Explore the AGO's spectacular building and discover fabulous treasures in the many collections. Experience art from Canada and around the world, as well as ship models, photography, works on paper, and Henry Moore sculptures. There is something for everyone!

Canadian Art

Come discover what Canadian art means to you! The AGO's collections reflect 11,000 years of diverse visual expression and traditions in the land we now call Canada. Explore the works of Inuit, First Nations and Métis artists, the Group of Seven and more.

Contemporary Art

How does art reflect the world in which we live in today? What does it mean? Where do I fit in? Engage in discussions about the intriguing and provocative work of Canadian and international contemporary artists on view at the AGO.

Art and Architecture

Explore the architecture of the AGO from our first home in a 19th century Georgian Manor to Frank Gehry's 2008 Transformation AGO. Paired with artworks in our collection, we will highlight changing tastes in art and architecture.

Women in Art

Discover how women artists have been involved in making art throughout history by exploring the AGO's collections, including European, Canadian, African, Photography and Contemporary. Join us on a journey through the indelible influence of women in art.

Innovation in Art

Artists often dare to think differently, take risks, and challenge the status quo. Experience innovative creative processes, unique material selections, bold approaches to seeing the world and collaborating with others. Explore art that demonstrates significant and important changes in our world.

Specialty Tours


For centuries people have been using clothing to represent their identities, cultural heritage and beliefs. Highlighting clothing represented in stone, wood, paint and other media throughout the AGO's collections, this tour covers trends and developments from all over the world.

Palette to Palate

Foodies take note! Come explore the art and artists who have elevated food to a work of art. Take in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells that have inspired artists across centuries and cultures.

Love and Passion

Do you remember how you felt when you first fell in love? Love and passion are human emotions that artists have illustrated throughout time. Come discover the love stories in our collections.

Art and Healing

Artists were among the first to engage in autopsies in order to better understand and draw the human body. From delicately rendered figures to the elaborate depictions of the mind's eye, come and investigate how art has been used to explore body and mind.

The Art of Conversation

Explore our collection and engage in conversations that build powers of observation, analysis and discussion. Useful outside the Gallery, the techniques applied here can be useful to anyone who wishes to learn more about probing ideas and sustaining interactive conversations.

Collectors and Patrons

The art world, through collecting and patronage, is a business. Experience our collections while considering the artistic innovations, networks and funding systems. Explore the Sarick Collection of Inuit Art; the Frum Collection of African Art; and the Thomson Collection of European and Canadian Art to learn how such impressive collections are built and sustained.

Religion and Spirituality

Some say the genesis of art was in depicting the divine.

Join us for a journey though the world's faiths and the visual depictions of story, myth and spirit. From the deeply religious paintings of Canadian artist William Kurelek to masks made for ceremony by artists in West and Central Africa, an exploration of the AGO's collection reveals diverse artistic expressions of faith.

Art Talks

Visiting a special exhibition? Book a private art talk and have an AGO educator bring our current special exhibition to life. Learn the story behind the canvas before enjoying a self-guided visit of an AGO special exhibition.

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