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Guided Tours for Grades 4-6 (2013-2014)

Guided Tours (90 minutes)
Guided tours are led by professional education staff using the critical analysis process and fun, interactive activities such as sketching, movement and drama, and tactile experiences to activate learning. Choose from one of the following thematic guided tours:

Character of an Artist
How do artists develop their character through art? Students will explore character attributes such as respect, responsibility, empathy, teamwork, co-operation, and perseverance through the content and subject matter of works of art as well as the personal stories of artists.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Character Development

The Creative Process
How do artists use the creative process to create a work of art from start to finish? Students will examine original process pieces and completed works of art to understand the creative process from inspiration to evaluation. Students will also engage in the creative process by sketching, writing, and creating their personal interpretations and ideas throughout this guided tour.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language

Canada Through Art
How are artists and their works of art influenced by Canada’s land and people? Students will discover how artists have interpreted Canada’s various regions and diversity of citizens from the past to the present.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Language

Art and the Environment
How are artists and their works of art influenced by the natural environment? To expand their environmental awareness, students will investigate how the natural environment and our relationship with it have inspired artists across time and place through materials, content, and subject matter.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Language

Customized Guided Tour
Tell us what kind of experience you want for your students and we will create a customized guided tour tailored to your specific needs.

Combined Program (2 hours)
Mix-n-match any of the guided tours with any of the artmaking workshops for a 2-hour combined program to meet your teaching and students’ learning needs. Staff will connect the theme of the guided tour to the artmaking workshop for one cohesive and holistic experience.


Nous offrons des programmes en français - faites une demande lors de l'inscription.

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