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He called her Amber

Date: February 24, 2009 12:46:28 PM GMT-05:00
Subject: He called her Amber

Hello Iris,

On Sunday my husband Willie and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with brunch and an afternoon at the AGO. We took the Grange tour and found it fascinating. Partly this is because we are fixing up an old house outside of Toronto and have found things hidden there. But the whole mystery of Mary O’Shea, the sense of “off-kilterness” of the tour, all this had us talking about it the rest of the day. Then last evening at dinner, I remembered the letter. What a surprise! And yet, it made some things fall together as well. This led us to another whole round of discussion about the guide, the artifacts, the willingness of those of us on the tour to make sense of it all, the wonder of your effort and imagination.

Congratulations and thank you for “He called her Amber”. As Willie said last night, “We were part of the art. How’s that for a 25th anniversary experience!”

Looking forward to touring The Grange again, and your future work,

Barbara Lamb

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