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Holman Hunt: "Branding" a Vision

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Holman Hunt: "Branding" a Vision
with Brenda Rix

Recorded: February 25 2009
Duration: 55:55

Brenda Rix is assistant curator, Prints and Drawings at the AGO, and author of the essay "Prints: Spreading the Word" in the exhibition catalogue, Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision.

Holman Hunt believed in the transformative power of art. He also believed in the quality of the "brand" he had created and employed a variety of marketing strategies to make his images and his message accessible to the widest possible audience. This talk will highlight some of those strategies while focusing on Hunt's involvement in the world of black and white printmaking. Hunt tried his hand at etching, designed wood-engraved book illustrations, and commissioned large, engraved translations of his paintings. When the Light of the World painting toured Canada and Australia in the early 20th century, it was seen by millions, but it was the elaborate engravings of the image that made it the most famous work of art in the western world.

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