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Jason Evans

As a photographer whose practice spans editorial portraits, high-fashion images, record covers, street photography, and interactive installation, Jason Evans is deeply aware of the aims and conventions of the images we encounter everyday. His most recent work, Pictures for looking at and Sculpture for Photography, place two-dimensional and three-dimensional works in colourful conversation, combining vivid still life photographs with photogenic objects arranged on custom pedestals for visitors to photograph. Since 2004, he has maintained the popular website The Daily Nice, where he posts one image per day “that has made [him] happy.” Challenging the distinctions between commercial photography, the casual snapshot, and street photography, Jason’s work seeks to transform his viewers’ perspectives – as well as his own – through his playful, exuberant, and dynamic images.


Pictures for Looking At

The Daily Nice



The Grange Prize 2012 Exhibition


Jason Evans

Jason Evans was born in Holyhead, Wales, on June 5, 1968. That makes him a Welsh Gemini, but does not account for his interest in psychedelic music. He is a multi-disciplinary photographer whose main output has been through the fashion and music media, and his preferred mode of transport has been the bicycle. He is also responsible for The Daily Nice, a photoblog that presents one image per day, with no archive.