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Machine Age Massive

Massive Party photo 2017

On Thursday, April 27th, 2017 co-chairs Chris Campbell and Anais Granofsky welcomed 1,600 party-goers (+1 dancing robot) to the Art Gallery of Ontario’s annual Massive Party fundraiser for a truly unforgettable night.

The event was a massive success – guests enjoyed a night filled with food, cocktails, dancing and were transported to the Industrial, Digital and Space Ages. Special thanks to artists Trudy Erin Elmore, Jon Sasaki and Harley Valentine who transformed the gallery and challenged the relationship between human and machine, reality and the virtual world, earth and space.

Massive Party is a key fundraiser for the AGO and thanks to the support of sponsors, donors and attendees, the event raised $275,000. These important funds support our public programming and learning activities, the care and conservation of our collection, and provide opportunities for local and regional artists to animate the Gallery through exhibitions, installations and interventions.

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Chris Campbell & Anais Granofsky

Andrea Anders, Ali Azzopardi, Kathryn Bird, Alicia DeBoer, Neil Follett, Brendon Holder, Vanessa Kalisz, Sabah Khan, Kelly Kirkpatrick, Katie Knopp, Adrienne Maniezzo, Emily McInnes, Deanne Moser, Fahra Murad, Jennifer Nugent, Fraser Serles, Kevin Seto, Emily Vender, Tara Wakter

Party Photos

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