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Meal Plan

Kids at a picnic

We are pleased to offer a lunch plan for our campers this summer at the AGO. Prepared in the AGO kitchen by our culinary team.

Our lunches are 100% peanut free (although our kitchen is not nut free). Each day the nutritious lunch varies with food that kids are sure to enjoy. 
*Please note that substitutions may be made due to product availablity.

AGO Summer Art Camp 2016 Meal Plan Fees

 Sessions 1, 2 & 4
(10 days)
Sessions 3
(9 days)
Session 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3B, 4A, 4B & 5
(5 days)
Session 3A
(4 days)
  Members | PublicMembers | PublicMembers | PublicMembers | Public
Meal Plan
$75 | $85 $67.50 | $90 $37.50 | $50 $30 | $40
Meal Plan
$100 | $110 $76.50 | $99 $42.50 | $55 $34 | $44

Pizza Days

All campers enjoy an optional pizza day on the first Friday of each session. Pizza days are included in the Camp Meal Plan, but campers who do not participate in the meal plan can opt-in to enjoy pizza day too! Pizza order forms are sent home on day one. If you are on the meal plan, you may order an extra slice for your camper. If this is not desired, please disregard the form.

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