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AGO Next FAQ's

What does my AGO Next membership fee support?
Your support helps enable the Art Gallery of Ontario's ongoing presentation of exhibitions and education programs. As an AGO Next member, you will receive periodic updates as to how your support makes a difference at the AGO.

What is the tax receipt amount for my membership?
Your annual membership fee for AGO Next includes a philanthropic contribution, thereby entitling you to a charitable tax receipt. The Canada Revenue Agency requires that a deduction be made from your charitable tax receipt, representing the value of benefits received with your membership. For an Individual AGO Next membership, the tax receipt is $300. For a Dual AGO Next membership, the tax receipt is $520. It is also $520 for an ‘Individual with Hosting Privileges'.

Can I sign up anytime?
Yes. AGO Next is a rolling program, meaning you can sign up at anytime of the year and you will be entitled to 10 AGO Next events. Your membership begins the day you sign up and lasts one year.

What if I'm already an AGO member?
If you are already an AGO member, we're grateful for your support and would be thrilled to see you become a member of AGO Next. If you're partway through your membership subscription and are interested in redirecting your support to get involved in AGO Next, we'd be happy to talk to you about crediting your current membership towards joining AGO Next. Please call Angela Grabham at 416.979.6660 ext. 505 if you hold an active membership and would like to join AGO Next.

How often are AGO Next events?
AGO Next events take place once a month, excluding July and August, for a total of 10 events in a calendar year.

What are AGO Next events like?
AGO Next events are typically hosted on weeknights, though there is the occasional weekend event. Guests enjoy refreshments and the opportunity to socialize and network with fellow members. At the heart of the events is an exclusive encounter with arts and culture - witnessing performance art, hearing artists speak about their work, a behind-the-scenes tour of the AGO's collection vaults, or an introduction to how to start an art collection. We want members to leave AGO Next events feeling inspired by the program and enlivened by the new friendships they've forged. 

Does it cost extra to attend AGO Next events?
In general, no. There may be one or two events per year that necessitate a nominal fee. The exception to this is Massive Party as it is a fundraiser for the AGO. AGO Next members are invited to an exclusive pre-party with the artists involved in Massive Party. In order to attend this event, AGO Next members are required to purchase a ticket to Massive Party.

What if I only want to attend a few AGO Next events?
You are welcome to attend as many or as few events as you'd like. In addition to the events and knowing that you are supporting the AGO, AGO Next includes many other benefits of membership, including free admission to the AGO's permanent collection and most ticketed exhibitions. Memberships are annual (i.e., a membership commitment of 12 months is required) and monthly payment schedules are available. Access to events is only available to AGO Next members.

May I bring a guest to AGO Next events?
In general, AGO Next events are for members only and we cannot accommodate guests. The exception to this is if you join as an ‘Individual with Hosting Privileges', as you will have the special privilege of inviting a guest to join you at AGO Next events.

How does an ‘Individual with Hosting Privileges' membership work?
There is one cardholder for this level of membership but this individual has the special privilege of inviting a guest to join him/her at AGO Next events. This flexibility is ideal for someone who might want to invite a friend or professional associate to one event and a date to another, for example.  The membership fee for an AGO Next ‘Individual with Hosting Privileges' membership is $1,000, for which a $520 tax receipt is issued. In addition, this membership level offers free unlimited admission to the AGO's collections and most special exhibitions for the cardholder and up to three guests.

How does a Dual membership work?
Join with a friend, colleague or partner to take advantage of our Dual membership rate. There are two cardholders for a Dual membership, entitling both cardholders to the same benefits as an Individual AGO Next Membership. A Dual AGO Next membership is $1,000, for which a $520 tax receipt is issued. Alternatively, the $1,000 payment can be shared by two individuals, and the AGO can issue two separate tax receipts for $260 each.

Can I bring a guest to AGO Next events with a Dual membership?
No. Only the two cardholders of a Dual membership are able to attend AGO Next events.

What if I'm over 39?
Have you turned the big 4-0?  Sorry for our ageism...but AGO Next is designed specifically for a young professionals audience.  It aims to make a meaningful connection with this generation with the hope that it is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the Gallery. As such, the program is restricted to those under 40.

What if I have feedback or an idea to bring forward?
We are very interested to hear what you think. Please feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to

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