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Paris Itineraries: Photographs by Eugène Atget

Itinéraires Parisiens: Photographies d'Eugène Atget

February 28 to May 27, 2001

Paris Itineraries: Photographs by Eugène Atget

Eugène Atget
Rampe de l’escalier de l’hôtel Sully-Charost, 11 rue du Cherche-Midi, VIe,
albumen print
©Musée Carnavalet Paris

"Over the past twenty years, through my work and on my own initiative, I have collected artistic documents of fine 16th to 19th century architecture in all the ancient the form of photographic plates...This huge artistic and documentary collection is now completed, and I can truthfully say that I possess the whole of ''le vieux Paris.''"
- E. Atget, Paris, letter to Paul Léon, Directeur des Beaux-Arts, 12 November 1920.

This exhibition includes over 180 works by Eugène Atget (1857-1927), one of the most significant and pivotal historical figures in the history of photography. The photographs are selected from the extensive holdings of the Musée Carnavalet and other Paris institutional collections and documents historic "le vieux Paris" and its environs.

This exhibition was developed by Musée Carnavalet, Paris under the direction of Ms. Francoise Reynaud, Chief Curator in charge of photographic collections, and of Mr. David Harris, Consulting Commissioner. Produced by the Association Paris-Musées, this exhibition was presented in Paris from October 14, 1999 to January 16, 2000 and in New York, at the Museum of the City of New York, November 4, 2000 to February 4, 2001.

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