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Pierre Lepautre. Aeneas and Anchises with Ascanius

Aeneas and Anchises with Ascanius

Lepautre, Pierre
(French, 1660 - 1744)
Aeneas and Anchises with Ascanius
54.0 cm
Purchase, 1962
© 2001 Art Gallery of Ontario


[1] Seligmann, Paris; (Mallet at Bourdon House); Purchase 1962 Art Gallery of Toronto
[1] Date acquired by first owner is unknown

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  • Provenance is listed in chronological order, beginning with the earliest known owner.
  • Dealers, auction houses or agents appear in parentheses.
  • Relationships between owners and methods of transactions are indicated by punctuation: a semicolon is used to indicate that the work passed directly between two owners (including dealers, auction houses, or agents), and a period is used to separate two owners (including dealers auction houses or agents) if a direct transfer did not occur or is not known to have occurred.
  • Footnotes are used to document or clarify where critical gaps in provenance exist.

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