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Present Tense: Murray Laufer

Murray Laufer

April 19 to July 30, 2006

Present Tense

Murray Laufer in his Toronto studio.
Photo: Art Gallery of Ontario/Sean Weaver

The first comprehensive view of Toronto artist Murray Laufer's work features large-scale paintings that address classic themes in Western painting, achieving a sculptural rendition of form through the use of transparent paint mediums and collage elements.

Works in the Exhibition

Vera, 1951/2
Oil on canvas
39.7 x 31 cm

Portrait of Pauline, 1952
Oil on plywood
34.9 x 30.9 cm

Unknown Woman, 1951/52
Oil on hardboard
36.4 x 30.6 cm

Carcass I, 1987
Acrylic resin, magna paint and medium, oil on painted canvas
236.2 x 152.2 x 6.0 cm

A Descent from a Cross, 1999
Raku pottery with acrylic medium and paint on metal mount, acrylic resins
(sheet, paint and medium), polyester sheet, oil paint, charcoal on canvas
236.3 x 152.5 x 25.5 cm

Carcass II, 1999
Acrylic resins (sheet, paint and medium), polyester sheet on canvas
236.3 x 152.5 x 25.5 cm

Carcass III, 2001
Acrylic resins (sheet, paint and medium) polyester sheet on canvas
236.3 x 152.8 x 46.5 cm

Ancient Goddess Holding an Apple, 2002-06
Polyester sheet, acrylic paint and medium, charcoal, paper, giclée, hair,
natural and synthetic bristle, metal on plywood
311.8 x 198.0 x 43.0 cm

Nine portrait drawings, 1995 to present
Charcoal (with pastel/chalk or acrylic paint) on paper
Varying sizes, approximately 68.6 x 55.9 cm
1. Handsome Jewish Man
2. Not so Handsome Jewish Man
3. Extremely Handsome Jewish Man
4. Blind Poet
5. Hendrickje
6. Lady with Pink
7. Dutchman Inspecting a Herring
8. Old Martin
9. Dutchman Greeting Death

All works are courtesy of the artist.

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