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Annonçant les artistes présélectionnés pour le Prix de photographie Aimia | AGO 2014

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Scene and herd: Tracking bison with photographer Edgardo Aragón

The latest video project by Edgardo Aragón – a finalist in the 2013 AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize – tracks bison across North American, in Wood Buffalo National Park in the Northwest Territories, in Yellowstone National Park and near Chihuahua in Mexico, his home country. We talked to him about the project, made possible by […] MORE >

The 2014 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize: Meet the jury

Voting won’t begin until late summer, but the 2014 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize is well underway. Over the past few months, individuals around the world have been researching and discussing exciting new ideas and directions in fine art photography and putting forward the names of artists whose recent work has shown extraordinary potential. The […] MORE >

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