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Programs for Grades 1-3 (2015-2016)

Guided Tours (60 minutes)

Art as Storytelling
This guided tour begins with reading a children’s book to set the stage for exploring original works of art using the critical analysis process followed by fun, play-based activities in our galleries that build visual literacy through personal connections.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language

Customized Guided Tour
Tell us what kind of experience you want for your students and we will create a customized guided tour tailored to your specific needs.

Artmaking Workshops (60 minutes)

Collagraph Printmaking (1-3)
This artmaking workshop will engage students through the elements and principles of design in the creative process, first by drawing an image of themselves and then using a variety of paper and fiber-based materials to create a printing plate from which they will pull collagraph prints using water-based printing ink. Students will contribute to a large print to take back to school – which will represent everyone in their class!
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts

NEW!!! Squishy Sculpture (1-3)
In this new sculpture program, students explore sculptures in the Henry Moore Gallery through movement, sketching and their imagination which inspire the creation of their own three dimensional sculpture.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts

Artmaking and Mini Tour (120 minutes)

Art as Storytelling Mini Tour and Printmaking
This combined program begins with exploring at least 2 original works of art in our galleries uncovering stories using play-based activities followed by a printmaking workshop focused on exploring creativity through texture and shape in our open studio environment.
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language

 Do-It-Yourself (Self-Guided) Visit

General Admission
Book general admission to the AGO collection and explore on your own with your students.


Nous offrons des programmes en français - faites une demande lors de l'inscription.

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