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All Together Now: Recent Toronto Art

The 1990s Toronto art scene was characterized by a great number of practicing artists and a distinct lack of official exhibition venues. In response, many Toronto artists created informal ways to share their works. They used storefronts, warehouses, even their own apartments. This DIY or "do-it-yourself" approach inspired a collaborative spirit amongst artists, as they combined forces not only with each other, but also with audiences.

Working in this way, artists fostered very direct relationships with the public. Without galleries and museums to interpret the works, they used the art itself to connect with viewers. By infusing their works with participation, popular culture, play and everyday materials, these Toronto artists captured people's attentions and imaginations.

Featuring works by James Carl, Marla Hlady, Instant Coffee, Luis Jacob, Germaine Koh, Nestor Krüger, Kelly Mark, Gwen MacGregor and Lewis Nicholson.

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