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Stephanie Dickey: Rembrandt, Prints, and Portraiture

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Recorded: April 28, 2010 @ Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario
Duration: 1:04:19

In seventeenth-century Europe, the new and rapidly developing medium of printmaking made it possible for images of prominent citizens to be circulated more widely than ever before. Rembrandt van Rijn, renowned for his painted portraits, brought to this medium his unique blend of innovative skill and penetrating insight. In this talk, Stephanie Dickey, author of Rembrandt: Portraits in Print (2004), explores the significance of the printed portrait for the art of Rembrandt and his time and the contribution of this expressive art form to our enduring fascination with the human face.

Stephanie Dickey (PhD, NYU, 1994) holds the Bader Chair in Northern Baroque Art at Queen’s University. She is the author of numerous publications on portraiture and printmaking in the Dutch Golden Age, including the books Rembrandt: Portraits in Print (2004) and Rembrandt Face to Face (2006).

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