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Tango 101: Free Dance Lessons

Wednesdays, January 8  29, 2014
7 – 8 pm
Walker Court, Art Gallery of Ontario

Come and take a spin around the Walker Court “dance floor” as we celebrate the period of the Great Upheaval  and the 101st anniversary of the tango!  with a participatory series of free tango lessons and guest dancers.

Although tango is a partnered dance, you do not need a partner to participate. You will find a partner at the lessons, and we change partners during the lesson so you will have the opportunity to dance with different people. Couples that join the class are also encouraged to rotate partners. Wear comfortable clothing so you can move with ease; leather-soled shoes are recommended but not required.

About the instructor
Robert Horvatek’s passion for  Argentine Tango has taken him all the way to where it began, Buenos Aires, where he trained with some of the best teachers in the world. He strongly believes that understanding the fundamentals opens up many possibilities to truly experience the beauty of Tango. Horvatek teaches in the progressive tango program at Toronto dance studio  Rhythm & Motion. He is well known for his supportive and clear teaching style, encouraging students to learn the basics of tango in a relaxed and friendly environment. He also conducts  Intensive Tango Weekends for Beginners several times a year.

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