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Thoughts on art and Transformation AGO


Transformation AGO is creating the imaginative centre of the city

Your thoughts on what art and Transformation AGO mean to you have been an integral part of this process. Here is what some of you have shared with us:

Art is a mirror, a reflection, a story, a vision.

– Alia Bye

Art helps you connect with the world in new ways and find expression in a different language. Art isn’t an extra, it’s an essential that brings vitality to our lives.

– Amita Sen Gupta

Without these voices our world would remain unchallenged and our understanding of it would suffer. Vital and relevant, the AGO enriches our lives and includes us in an international dialogue. I support Transformation AGO because I believe it will enrich us all.

– Ed Burtynsky

Art is an exploration without bounds.

– Tori

The AGO transformation, the new building and the new and extraordinary collections will make Toronto the epicentre for experiencing the visual arts in Canada. It is enormously exciting to be able to help make the transformation happen.

– Michael M. Koerner

Art is each individual’s expression of the world.

– Swetha

With its dedicated staff and world-class collection now being augmented by the outstanding Thomson donation and support, the AGO transformation is a project that we feel honoured to support.

– David and Vivian Campbell

Transformation AGO is creating a place where the power of great art is lived and celebrated, a place that will become an international cultural landmark. With your help, it will be astonishing.

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