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Whispering Room: Janet Cardiff

June 9 to August 29, 2010

Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are known for their provocative -- and sometimes disturbing -- multimedia pieces that combine sculpture, cinema, sound installation and short-story fiction. Whispering Room (1991) – an early solo work by Cardiff – is a now-iconic installation that demands intense audience engagement. To experience the work, visitors pass through a doorway into a dark room in which 16 audio speakers play different, segmented parts of a narrative that must be pieced together as they move throughout the space. At intervals, triggered by a visitor’s movements, an image is projected onto the wall. The murmur of the voices gives the work with a dream-like quality that is reinforced by the slowed-down speed of the film.

The AGO's presentation of this rarely viewed work coincides with the artists' new installation, Ship O' Fools, a specially commissioned work for Luminato 2010.

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