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Youth Council 2014 Bios

The AGO Youth Council is a diverse and dynamic group of folks 14-25 years old. Want to learn more about this year's Council or see who's been involved in the past? Check out their bios!

Divina Aseo
Hello! My Name Is Divina , and I am 16 years old. I was Born in the Philippines but I was raised right here, in Toronto. Art had been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid and as I grew up. Painting was my absolute favorite as you could catch me sketching and planning my next Picasso. As I grew older I grew much love to music. Today, It Is all that I could think about. I love to sing and produce music as I have been lucky to work with the best in the world. I have performed around Toronto and Ontario as I share my passion for music. Now singing, and producing and writing music Is all that I do every single day.

Konya Bangura
Ni hao! My name is Konya. Currently, laughing is my profession and its impossible to quit- when you've got a sense of humour like mine! My head is always in the clouds which it comes to the arts and humanities. However my realistic perspective keeps me grounded to complete whatever I dream of. Sugar, spice and rainbows are the keys to success.

Sarah Bradshaw
At a young age Sarah developed a passion for art which has flourished over the years. Art is now a central aspect of Sarah's life and she practices a variety of artistic mediums which include: drawing, painting, and photography to name a few. Sarah loves to explore new aspects of art with a recent endeavor being animation. When she isn't at the gallery working with the Youth Council and admiring the work of her favorite contemporary artists, Sarah enjoys to ski, travel, learn new things, and meet new people. Sarah sees a bright future ahead with plans to study art in university and become a curator.

AJ Dioso-Lopez
Hi, my name is AJ. I am fifteen years old and am homeschooled. I enjoy all types of art and I love playing volleyball. I also love analogies and long walks on the beach. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.

Sanjit Dhillon
Eternal sweet tooth and worry wart.

Ariella Garmaise
Ariella Garmaise is a 16 year old student, artist, and TV enthusiast. A past film and visual arts student at Philips Academy Andover, she is currently the editor in chief of the publication Lens, a magazine that showcases the talented artwork of her high school's students. Her hobbies include drawing, sleeping, 90's sitcom trivia, and cyber-stalking Louis C.K. Despite the dying industry of newsprint media, Ariella is an aspiring journalist, and naively hopes that her art and writing will one day impact the world. She also plays hockey (that usually suprises people).

Sarah Ge
I was born in Singapore and I've been to more than 8 schools in 4 different countries. Currently I'm in the Claude Watson program as a visual art major. I'm in grade 11 and I love painting and swimming.

Cora Low
I love painting and doing my nails. I love to visit museums and galleries because they inspire me. I surround myself with friends, family and food.

Tanya Matanda
me? In a couple of words? WellGeorge Bernard Shaw said it best "the goal of an artist is to create the definitive work that can't be surpassed" I am an artist, hie! Love and Light.

J. Spencer
Born: February in Scarborough. Working on a legacy.

Refers to himself as the humble wolf. Calm cool and collected and just trying to make it through. Has overcome many obstacles, gotten caught in some nets and joined different associations.

Saarah Tennakoon
Introverted dreamer. Coffee and book enthusiast. Hugs and nature are at the core of this 17-year-old's illusionary happiness. Humans and cop shows are fascinating.

Vanessa Ting
Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am a grade 12 student at Bayview Secondary School. I seem awkward and introverted at first glance, but I actually enjoy talking to and meeting new people ( in other words, come talk to me! ;D). Music and art have always been such a big part of my life and I don't know what I would do without them! I enjoy doodling, making knick knacks, and drawing strange cartoon animals doing typical human actions such as dancing or picking their noses. When I'm not cramming for a chemistry test or catching up on sleep, I like to bake or watch Iron Chef America. I enjoy listening to the Beatles and Birdy. I love taking the subway down to the AGO every Wednesday to work with such an awesome group of people!

Robbin Tudor-Lee
Life is not about compromises but about thrilling contradictions. My name is Robbin, yes with TWO Bs. I am very friendly, even though I might not smile in public. I am tall, (try to be) model-thin and stylish (that's for sure). I don't like sharing my personal stories with people, being a mysterious person is great. People often tell me that I am the craziest and the fiercest person they've ever met. I am loveable, you know. My inspiration is Lana Del Rey and Kyle Anderson. I think Lady Gaga and 2NE1 are brilliant artists. I like hands-on activities, such as painting, sculpting, anything mechanic-related activities, and etc. I love fashion, I am fashion. If I could sum up myself into words, it would be Fashion, Illuminating, Cars, Glamorous and Music. “In a world full of locked doors, the man with the key is king.” - James Moriarty. I believe I am the golden boy. Word of advice? Do NOT mess with me.

Selin Yasar
Hey, my name's Selin and I'm 17 years old. I'm currently in my last year of high school and aspiring to become an architect someday and travel around the world. Art is what I'm passionate about and you'll usually see me sketching away in my sketchbook which I take with me everywhere. I love watching fashion shows and keeping up with fashion trends as well. Some of my favourite designers are Samuel Cirnansck, John Galliano, and Christian Dior. I listen to bands like The Neighbourhood and Kitten, and am a big fan of Lana Del Rey. I'm also fluent in three languages and a world-traveler in training!


Alannah Dymond
I'm pretty conceptual.

Margaryta Golovchenko
I'm a terribly hungry poet- ask anyone. I'm always looking for beautiful things, collecting words, which is why if I had to describe myself, it would be soigné (see it's not even in English!). I'm usually walking around in an artistic haze, or hibernating, but approach this creature slowly with a cup of tea and a pastry and she'll give you her tightest hug and attentive ear.

Maddie Heller-Kay
An angry ginger with an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek

Lisa Lam
Aspiring chicken wing connoisseur

Phat Le
I'm in university and I don't have teeth. How sad.

Lindsay Nantes
Aspiring urban planner….or to just get through university. IDK. Oh, and I love Leonardo DiCaprio.

Philip Ocampo
I only like handmade local vegan soy music. Sorry.

Benafsha Samadi
A.K.A. book worm; movie-goer; self-proclaimed genius; grammar-nazi; physics, chemistry, and math lover; and my personal favourite... lazy.

Josie Spalla
Name: Josie, Josephine, Joey, Jo, Jose, Hipster, Joozer, Artsy Jo, Music gal, Cat Lady Painter, Joiey, Jos. But call me Beyonce.

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