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Zan Rococo

April 18, 2016 – August 15, 2016

AGO Art Rental & Sales proudly presents the work of Zan Rococo in FRANK Restaurant's Art Social viewing lounge. Rococo is an artist's artist. Never one to give away too much about her pieces, she seeks to make the viewer the subject of her work by putting them in the position to interpret and decipher her symbols and semiotics. Even her titles are obscure, challenging the viewer to put their own experiences and histories into the story.

She is influenced by everything around her as well as by art historically significant artists such as Richard Serra and Jean-Michel Basquiat. In Serra, she finds his philosophical approach to art especially intriguing and takes his ideas towards sculpture and sets them onto canvas. She also looks to Basquiat when using various reoccurring symbols in her work and incorporates his free-graffiti style.

Rococo uses a variety of mediums and tools in her pieces, including layered and sanded latex paint which creates a smooth finish, erasing any hint of canvas beneath. As a means of integrating graffiti-style into her work she even uses tagging markers which leave a unique finish and colour. Her experimental methods don't stop here, she also uses trowels and traditional Chinese calligraphy ink throughout her work.

The artist sees painting as being a flat surface and takes on the challenge of creating a physical effect on the viewer. She forces a reaction out of them based on what they see by simultaneously inviting the viewer in and pushing them backwards using a unique process of thin repetitive layering and detailed architectural lines.

This latest body of works is truly a sight to behold. Rococo pushes boundaries both stylistically and physically with her large-scale work. These pieces come to life in front of the viewer and engage those around them.

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