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Time Tremors Treasure Hunt

Try this family-friendly, treasure hunt mobile app on your next visit!

Bring your kids or grandkids and join us for the exciting launch of Time Tremors — a mobile, online and real-world treasure hunt that combines game play with a trans-media approach to storytelling. This interactive adventure app transforms a visit to the AGO into an exciting journey of discovery for the entire family.

Geared to kids ages 7 to 12 (and their adult accomplices), Time Tremors unfolds as you explore space, time and alternate dimensions to hunt, collect and trade a range of mysterious interactive relics known as Time Treasures. You’ll also navigate the AGO collection to find and collect treasures.

Time Tremors AGO App Trailer - CBC from Xenophile Media on Vimeo.

There are four treasure hunts to play in the AGO’s galleries, and visitors are invited to download the app from iTunes or Google Play before they start playing. As you hunt for the treasures, you’ll receive clues and information about the pieces to help you locate them. What a cool way for you and your kids or grandkids to learn more about some of the fascinating artworks at the AGO!

Time Tremors is optimized for iPhone 5 and supported on the following devices (more to come):

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch 4th generation
  • iPod Touch 5th generation

Time Tremors is available for download from iTunes and Google Play.

AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app
AGO Time Tremors app


Who should play Time Tremors?
Time Tremors is designed for children to play with adult supervision.  Most children over ages 5 and older will enjoy playing the game with their parents reading out the clues. The game is targeted primarily for children 8 to 10 years of age, but anyone over 10 (adults included) will enjoy the hunt.

Can my child play on his/her own while I go to the cafe or spent time in other galleries?
Parents/caregivers must accompany their kids.  It is really fun to play together, take turns reading out clues and hunting down new objects.

The game has ambient sound — should I use headphones?
The game works well when played with a group. To enable conversation between adults and children, playing the game with ambient sound is preferable. Please adjust the volume and be mindful of others in the gallery.  If a child is playing without help from adults, we ask that they use headphones.

How often can visitors play Time Tremors?
You can play the four games as many times as you want.  Keep trying to complete the missions using fewer hints until you get three stars for each treasure.

Time Tremors AGO is a partnership between the Art Gallery of Ontario and Xenophile Media

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